Low Carb Packaged Foods: Snacks

Finding low carb snacks to bring on the go can be very difficult. This list will help you figure out what products to buy and what to look for in pre-packaged foods so you can stick to your eating plans, even during your most hectic days. Happy Snacking!

1. Cheese Sticks

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Cheese sticks are portable, high in protein and a great snack to bring along for adults and kids. There are many different types of cheese sticks, including mozzarella, cheddar, or jack cheese. The different types of cheese vary slightly in nutrition content, but all have little to no carbs. Choose the full-fat varieties for more flavor and fullness factor!

Mozzarella Sargento Cheese Sticks: 80 Cals, 1g Carb (C), 8g Protein (P), 6g Fat (F)

2. Yogurt

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Individual cups of yogurt are a great portable snack. Any brand (Siggi's, Fage, Chobani, Stonyfields, etc) of plain Greek yogurt is the best option. Plain Greek yogurt has no added sugar and is higher in protein. You can add fruit for sweetness and will most likely end up with less sugar than the pre-sweetened varieties.

Siggi's 4% Plain Yogurt: 100 Cals, 4g C, 11g P, 5g F

Chobani Whole Milk Yogurt: 130 Cals, 7g C, 13g P, 6g F

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Fage also has savory Crossover yogurt cups that add more flavor without extra carbs. The best low-carb options are the savory flavors: Tomato Basil with Almonds or Olive Thyme with Almonds.

Olive Thyme with Almonds: 200 Cals, 9g C, 16g P, 11g F

Tomato Basil with Almonds: 210 Cals, 12g C, 15g P, 10g F

3. Roasted Chickpeas

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Roasted chickpeas make a great crunchy snack. Look for the brands Biena and The Good Bean for different roasted chickpea flavors. Biena makes individual snack packs that are great for grabbing as you run out the door. Because Chickpeas count as a protein and a carb, make sure to measure out how much you are eating from a larger pack or grab a snack pack.

Biena Sea Salt Snack Pack: 150 Cals, 13g C, 7g P, 5g F

4. Cottage Cheese Snack Packs

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Cottage cheese isn't just for breakfast! These small cottage cheese cups are the perfect snack size! Like yogurt, the plain versions have less sugar than the sweetened ones.

Breakstone's 2% Small Curd Snack Cup: 90 Cals, 7g C, 10g P, 2.5g F

5. Nuts

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Nuts are a convenient source of protein and healthy fats. Nuts are great for you, but it is important to watch the portion size. Buy plain nuts or nut mixtures without dried fruit or chocolate in them. Measure out 1/4 cup servings per snack into Ziplock baggies. Alternatively, Emerald Nuts and Blue Diamond Almonds make 100 calorie nut packs. This saves you the time to measure out snack portions!

Blue Diamond On-the-Go Pack, Whole Natural: 100 Cals, 1g C, 4g P, 9g F

Emerarld 100 Calorie Pack, Cocoa Roast: 100 Cals, 2g C, 4g P, 8g F

6. Nut Butters

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Its now possible to bring healthy nut butters on the go! Many different brands have individual peanut butter snack cups. Bring along celery sticks, baby carrots or apple slices for dipping!

Skippy Singles Natural Peanut Butter: 270 Cals, 5g C, 9g P, 23g F

Justin's Almond Butter: 160 cals, 4g C, 7g P, 16g F

Justin's Peanut Butter with Banana Chips: 210 Cals, 10g C, 6g P, 16g F

7. Hard boiled Eggs

Hard Boiling eggs can be a great way to eat eggs on the go. If you need an emergency snack, you can now buy pre-made hard boiled eggs at many grocery and convenience stores!

1 large Egg: 70 Cals, 1g C, 6g P, 5g F

8. Dry Roasted Edamame

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Like roasted chickpeas, roasted edamame are a fun, bite sized snacks. Seapoint Farms makes dry roasted edamame in large bags and in snack pouches. You can find Seapoint Farm products in the organic/natural section of grocery stores and sometimes at TJ Maxx/Homegoods/Marshalls.

Dry Roasted Edamame Sea Salt Individual pack: 200 Cals, 4g C, 20g P, 6g F

9. Quest bars

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Most granola bars are stuffed with grains, added sugars and dried fruit, making them surprisingly unhealthy and high in carbs. Quest bars are a better, low carb bar option. They are high in protein and fiber!

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Quest Protein bar: 190 Cals, 7g C, 20g P, 8g F

10. Hummus

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Tribe, Sabra, and Joseph's brand of hummus all have small, single serving hummus cups. Bring along carrots, red pepper or cucumber slices to dip in them.

Tribe Classic Single Serve Snackers: 130 Cals, 9g C, 3g P, 7g F

11. Bean Chips

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Miss snacking on tortilla chips? Bean chips are even more flavorful than normal tortilla chips without all the carbs! They also have much more protein and fiber! A great brand to try is Beanfield Snacks. They make a variety of different flavors- including one that tastes like a better version of Doritos!

*1 serving = 11 chips

1 serving of Beanfields White Bean & Sea Salt: 140 cals, 11g C, 4g P, 5g F

1 serving of Beanfields Nacho Bean and Rice Chips: 140 cals, 12g C, 5g P, 4.5g F

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