Everyday Low Carb Substitutions

Here are some great low carb substitutions to satisfy any craving while still being healthy!

1. Mayan Farms High Fiber Whole Wheat Tortillas

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Just because tortillas are thin does NOT mean that they are low in carbs! In fact, tortillas are densely packed with carbs. Mayan Farms tortillas with high fiber have large amounts of fiber, bringing the total carbs down while still tasting like a normal tortilla. They are perfect for Mexican-inspired dinners!

1 Mayan Farms High Fiber Whole Wheat Tortilla: 90 Calories, 6g Carbs (C), 6g Protein (P), 3.5g Fat (F)

2. Low Carb Bread

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Ezekiel Bread has a unique recipe made of various grains and legumes. This makes Ezekiel bread high in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. When Pigs Fly also makes a a low carb sliced bread option. Both are great options for open-faced sandwiches.

Ezekiel 4:9 Flax Sprouted Whole Grain Bread: 80 Cals, 10g C, 5g P, 1g F

When Pigs Fly Low Carb Bread: 70 Cals, 6g C, 6g P, 1g F

2. Halo Top Ice Cream

Have a sweet tooth? Halo Top Ice Cream is a great dessert substitution to fill your craving! For each 1/2 cup serving, Halo Top Ice cream has about half the calories and carbs of ice cream brands like Edy's. Even better, Halo Top's flavors are equally as delicious as the ice cream brands you are used to. We preferred Halo Top to other healthier ice cream brands like Arctic Zero's water-based "ice creams".

1/2 cup Halo Top Chocolate Ice Cream: 60 Cals, 11g C, 6g P, 2g F

3. Cauliflower Rice

What's not to love about cauliflower rice?

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It's easy to make and low in carbs. Either make your own rice with a food processor or buy already riced cauliflower. Wegmans, Stop and Shop and Trader Joe's all have either fresh or frozen pre-riced cauliflower. Try our Mexican-inspired Cauliflower Rice Bowls here.

1 cup : 28 Cals, 4g C, 0g p, 0g F

4. Spirilized Veggie Noodles

Veggie noodles are a Well Powered favorite! They are so versatile and a delicious substitutions in any of your favorite pasta dishes. Check out some of our vegetable noodle recipes:

Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Pesto

Zesty Spinach & Pesto Zoodles

1 cup: 22 Cals, 4g C, 0g P, 0g F

5. Baked Chickpeas as Croutons

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Traditional croutons add unnecessary carbs to your healthy salad. If you are craving some crunch in your salad, try adding baked chickpeas in the place of croutons. Chickpeas add fewer carbs but more protein to your salad. Make your own baked chickpeas (click here for recipe) or try Biena chickpeas.

2 tbsp Biena Sea Salt Chickpeas: 65 Cals, 6g C, 3g P, 2g F

6. Black Bean Pasta

Trader Joe's makes a Black Bean Rotini and Explore Asian makes a Black Bean Spaghetti. These pastas have more protein than veggie noodles but are still a lower carb option compared to regular pasta.

3/4 cup Trader Joe's Black Bean Rotini: 200 Cals, 20g C, 14g P, 1.5g F

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