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Can Artificial Sweeteners Keep Us From Gaining Weight?

Sugar substitutes may help stave off weight gain, but they have metabolic effects that some experts find concerning.


I Have M.S. This Is What It’s Like to Be Fed by Other People.

A truly different and very interesting perspective on eating. It is a privilege to decide what and when we eat. Being more mindful with our eating can help us to enjoy these moments of eating. 

Fitness Workout

At Home with Harvard: Health and Fitness

What’s the best diet and exercise routine for you? This is a question with a seemingly infinite number of answers and follow-up questions. Sifting through questionable health and fitness content on the Web can be exhausting, especially when quarantine has given many of us more time to invest in exercise. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our best coverage on health and fitness research for you to read and rely on.

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