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Prior to enrolling in the Well Powered program, I never realized how enjoyable and fun establishing healthy eating habits could be! Co-facilitated by Joanne Dushay, MD and Kristina Secinaro, RD, who possesses a plethora of knowledge in their respective fields and exude congeniality and enthusiasm, the program offers an effective vehicle for learning about the various aspects of food (i.e. medical, nutritional, social-emotional, etc.) within an emotionally safe and highly supportive small group environment. Personal meal plans are developed easily with the knowledge gleaned through weekly presentations in class, as well as through individual consults with a co-facilitator. Relative to convenience, no purchase of exotic foods or complicated food preparation methods are necessary to follow the meal plans. Whether your personal goal is to advance your knowledge or implement healthy eating habits to lose a few or several pounds, the flexibility of the Well Powered program will meet your needs! –Mary Ann R.

I was reluctant to join a group program. With both individual and group sessions, Well Powered is the perfect combination. The Well Powered focus on understanding science, healthy lifestyle options, and no gimmick approach has helped me to make the necessary changes in my lifestyle and to focus and achieve sustainable success. –Robin J.

Cauliflower crust pizza with kale and zucchini by Robin J.

Well Powered aimed to educate our group about what, how, and why we eat and the science of how each morsel we ingest affects our body. I was thrilled when simply changing a few habits resulted in a significant weight loss. It was beyond my expectations in terms of results and my perceived sacrifices.

What I appreciated most about working with Jody and Kristina was their availability, professionalism, knowledge of the body and nutrition, and willingness to learn from us as much as we learned from them. -Karen  K.

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