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Zoodle Salad Mason Jars

Serves 4


3 zucchini, spiralized

Veggies of your choice!

3oz protein



2 cloves garlic

1 cup fresh basil

1/3 cup fresh parsley

½ cup plain greek yogurt

2 tbsp olive oil

Juice of one lemon



  1. Prepare the zucchini noodles with a spiralizer. Add to a bowl and toss with some salt. Allow to sit for 20 minutes. Rinse to remove salt and dry.

  2. Prepare the rest of your vegetables and protein.

  3. Dressing: In a blender or food processor, combine garlic, basil, parsley, greek yogurt, olive oil, and lemon juice until smooth.

  4. Take your empty mason jar and layer the ingredients with from heaviest to lightest. Pour ¼ of the dressing into the bottom of the jar. Add ingredients in order of weight. Start with the heaviest items (probably your protein) and layer up to the lightest (zucchini noodles or lettuce). Seal with the cover and refrigerate.

  5. When ready to eat, shake the jar and then turn upside down onto a plate. This will result in the zucchini noodles at the base of your salad with the toppings and dressing on top.


Dressing:  90 cals,3g C, 3g P, 7g F

With protein and veggies (estimate): 290 cals, 7g C, 24g P, 15g F

Click here to download the recipe.

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