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Eat Well While Traveling

Many times when preparing for vacation, we think of the time away as an inevitable break from our diet and we write ourselves off before we even step out the door. While vacations are certainly a time to relax and occasionally treat yourself, you can still indulge without backtracking on your progress.

While it may seem overwhelming to conquer different aspects of a vacation, it can be very helpful to break down the different aspects and go through your preparation one by one.


  • Flying can be very stressful, with often waking up early, making sure you get there with enough time, etc. Checking in beforehand and having your boarding pass ready can save yourself some time and stress.

  • For some reason we think we always have to eat on a flight, but you don’t! If you have a relatively short flight (<3 hours) skip the snacks unless you really get hungry. If your flight is long, make sure to bring healthy, high protein snacks to avoid the processed airplane food. Nuts, seeds, dry roasted edamame, & beef jerky are some good options that don’t need refrigeration!

  • Try to get up at least every hour and walk up and down the plane, do some torso rotations, stretch your quads- anything you can get away with. You can also do leg raises and ankle rotations while seated.


  • As with flying, bringing healthy snacks is a game changer! Fruits, veggies, and nuts are all easy on-the-go options.

  • If you can, stop somewhat frequently at rest stops. Hop out and walk around, use the bathroom, and get some fresh air. Getting that blood pumping is highly beneficial. Your body will thank you!

Eating while on vacation

  • Grocery shop! It can be very easy to eat out for every meal on vacation. Try using the hotel kitchenette to cook, even if it’s just for some quick-oats in the morning. Homemade food is usually better portioned and less processed than restaurant foods. Utilize what you have- it will not only save calories, but money too!

  • Pack snacks accordingly for what you have planned that day. Whether it’s a beach day, a long hike, or a trolley tour of the city, you will need good fuel! So think ahead and try to bring what you will need. Planning your food ahead of time will keep you in better control of what you’re eating.

Staying active

  • What better way to explore a new city than to take yourself on a walking tour? Bring some comfortable shoes and get moving.

  • Many hotels and resorts will have some sort of fitness center. Take advantage of this! If your vacation involves a lot of lounging it can be very beneficial to spend even 20-30 minutes lifting some weights or getting in some quick cardio.

  • Depending on where you are, hiking can be a great activity for a vacation. It gets you moving and gives you a new perspective of your vacation spot!

  • Pack accordingly. Bring sneakers! You don’t want sore feet ruining a day of exploring.

Final tip: Keep the warm fluids coming. Hot herbal tea and hot water with lemon are great for the digestive system and keeps things regular. This can help keep your body in balance when you stray from routine in vacation activities.

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