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Nutrition Rainbow Pt.II: Orange & Yellow

Mother Nature’s sunny-colored whole foods are chock-full of nutrients that work to support healthy skin, night vision, and strong bones. Similar to their neighboring colors, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables are rich with antioxidants that protect us from the damaging effects of free radicals, and function to promote overall health.

Beta-carotene, or Vitamin A:

Beta-carotene is the pigment responsible for giving fruits and veggies their vibrant orange & yellow colors. It's also a powerful antioxidant which the body converts to vitamin A--an important component for color & night vision. Vitamin A also plays a significant role in our immune, as it aids in the activation of T-cell response (cells that fight bacteria/virus/parasite directly).

Other benefits:

  • Protection against sun damage

  • Delay cognitive aging

  • Keeps teeth & bones healthy

  • Helps mucous membrane repel bacteria

Vitamin C:

This antioxidant helps stimulate bone growth & enhances the absorption of iron, rebuilds depleted collagen in the skin, and even plays a role in optimal functioning of certain hormones during menopause.

Other benefits:

  • Protection against cardiovascular/heart disease & stroke

  • Boosts immune--protects against common cold

  • Lowers hypertension & cholesterol

  • Form/maintain connective tissue & blood vessels

Other Important Nutrients Found in Orange/Yellow Whole Foods:






Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, prevention of neural tube defect in unborn infants, ulcer formation, & kidney stones, reduce blood pressure & metabolic syndrome, improve overall cardiovascular function, and support protein digestion.

Top Oranges:

  • Orange/tangerine/clementine, cantaloupe, mango, persimmons

  • Carrots, squash, sweet potato, orange bell pepper, pumpkin

Top Yellows:

  • Pineapple, banana, lemon

  • Yellow bell pepper, ginger, yellow tomatoes, turmeric, sweet corn

disclaimer: images are for reference purposes only and are not owned by either author of this post or owners of this website.

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