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Healthy Habits to Incorporate in Any Diet

Choosing to a piece of fruit rather than a sugar cookie or a salad over pasta is usually a harder decision than we may initially think. Especially when trying to make lifestyle change rather than short-term swaps, continuously choosing healthier options can be difficult. Rather than completely overhauling your diet rapidly, we are going to provide you with small habits that can have lasting beneficial impacts to your health.

  1. Slow It Down

Many of us are constantly on-the-go and not taking the time to actually sit and eat without being occupied by another person or task. Eating our meals too quickly doesn’t give our digestive system adequate time to let the brain know we are full and as a result we overeat. By slowing down our consumption of food, our brain will be able to receive hunger cues letting us know we are full before we overeat. Additionally, food is something to enjoy and by making time to eat (even better is without multitasking) we will better taste enjoy our meals and the people we are having them with.

  1. Shop With A List

Have you ever found yourself grabbing sweets, pastries, and candies without much thought off the shelves while grocery shopping? One way to stick to your goals is to go in with a shopping list before hitting the aisles. This allows you to keep your focus on healthier foods you intended to eat without the need to impulsively purchase foods that aren’t as nutritious.

  1. Eat Your Colors First

If you are craving that favorite sweet of yours, try grabbing a fruit or vegetable

before you reach fulfill that craving. Choosing to eat some produce with satisfy your

hunger, possibly your sweet tooth (fruits!) too, and you may forget about that sweet you

initially wanted in the first place. Even if you go for that sweet after, you’ll already have consumed some extra vitamins and minerals and that fullness may lead you to choosing to have a smaller portion of that favorite dessert.

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